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Professional Training in Ericksonian Hypnosis , Brief Psychotherapy & NLP

AHTA is one of the leading training organizations and approved continuing education providers for mental health, health care, and allied health care professionals in the United States.   To date, more than 6800 professionals have attended our programs.  AHTA programs are approved for Continuing Education, C.E., for Psychologists, Social Workers and Mental Health Counselors. All programs are presented by top rank trainers with years of experience as both practitioners and instructors. 


All programs are scheduled at facilities that accommodate persons with disabilities.


AHTA  programs are open to all health care professionals regardless of race, gender, religion or sexual orientation .   Meeting room facilities are wheelchair accessible.


To request to be added to our database CLICK HERE .  You will receive timely invitations to all the AHTA events via email and/or U.S. Postal Service.   


Here at the American Hypnosis Training Academy, you will learn to use Ericksonian hypnosis and brief solution-focused psychotherapy effectively, and to help your clients lead more satisfying and healthier lives--- guaranteed!


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Since 1981, the American Hypnosis Training Academy has been providing the highest quality professional training and continuing education at both the introductory and advanced levels of Ericksonian Hypnosis, Brief Psychotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming.  AHTA training programs lead to Certification as a Practitioner of Ericksonian Hypnotherapy, and Certified Practitioner and Master Practitioner of NLP.


For mental health, health-care and alternative health-care professionals seeking to gain knowledge and proficiency in the use of hypnosis and brief psychotherapy,  AHTA provides a variety of intensive 6-day and 8-day training programs.   Shorter one, two, and three-day workshops are available in the following topics:  Therapeutic Metaphor, Changing Core Beliefs, Rapid Phobia Treatment, Smoking Cessation, Pain Management and Birthing, Eye Movement Integration™ (EMI ™), and  Public Speaking skills.


The mission of the American Hypnosis Training Academy is to train professionals in the utilization of Ericksonian Hypnosis, Brief Outcome Oriented Psychotherapy and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming).  For mental health and health care professionals seeking to gain knowledge and proficiency in the use of hypnosis and brief psychotherapy,  AHTA provides a variety of intensive training programs, as well as shorter one, two, and three-day workshops.


As you browse these Web Pages you’ll be learning about the Academy, it’s staff, and it’s various training programs.  To get your questions answered about the NLP, Hypnosis & Brief Psychotherapy training offered by AHTA,  email Ron Klein at or call him at 800-343-9915 or 301-565-0103. 



  Training professionals to rapidly help

     clients heal the past, live fully in

       the present, and shape healthy futures.

Participants in small group practice

“Fantastic training!  Great info and so many new skills for counseling  clients.  I now have a heightened awareness of the potential of hypnosis and brief psychotherapy, and how I can use it in my work”.


    Sandy Kay, M.A.

Judy Pearson teaching the

 six-step reframing  treatment method

Ron Klein teaches the single session phobia treatment method

Text Box: Dear Ron  											November 8, 2009

I happened upon your website, and thought I would just send warm greetings. I was on the training you did in Scarborough in England in 1989, which was my very first training in hypnotherapy.  Now, rather a lot of years later, I have been for some years a full time therapist with a busy very full time private practice, an NLP Master Practitioner, and an Accredited NLP Psychotherapist, a Fellow of the Hypnotherapy Society, and a Fellow of the Hypnotherapy Research Society.  I have trained with many of the 'stars', including Richard Bandler, John Grinder and others in the NLP world, and with Michael Yapko, and with Brent Geary, from the Ericksonian Institute. 

Without doubt, yours was easily the most powerful training I have ever attended, and many years later I was still unpacking' the very profound material that was presented.  While many other world famous trainers have given me  valuable skills and understanding, the skills learned on your course have continued to be the mainstay of my practice, and as I am working with clients I am often aware of skills - and even phrases - I modeled from you, as I use them.  The sheer quality of that training was awesome, and I am quite sure is a major part of the reason why I am constantly in demand -despite the fact that I am probably the most expensive among the very many therapists in this part of the country, I am actually turning enquirers away at times, because there are not enough hours in the day to see them all. This is just to say many thanks for remarkable multi-level training, and for skills that have enabled me to move from being a full time social worker to a far more satisfying profession - and incidentally earning considerably more as a result!

If you were a little closer, I would certainly want to attend another of your trainings - as it is, the USA is a little distant, as I am never really able to be away from the practice for longer than a week.  If you have any plans to train again in Europe, do please let me know!

David Carpenter.
West Midlands, UK
Text Box: I received my training and certifications from the American Hypnosis Training Academy, .  I contacted the National Board of Certified Counselors and found out that there were only two trainers teaching hypnotherapy in the United States that the NBCC accepted for continuing education credits and one of the trainers was Ron Klein. The training I received at AHTA has changed my life personally and professionally.      Suzanne Messina, LMHC, CGC

Ron,  you are one of the best trainers in hypnosis and NLP.  You have  an   incredibly astute mind.


         Richard Bandler, M.A.

        Co-founder of NLP