Professional Training in Ericksonian Hypnosis , Brief Psychotherapy & NLP


Text Box: This program gives the participants a useful medium for personal skill enhancement and development.  One of the best training events I have ever attended.                                                                                                   Tom Wiseman, Ph.D.

The Master Class meets in Silver Spring Maryland. Ron Klein Jill Cody & Judy Pearson will be your instructors/facilitators . Each class is limited to 12 participants. 


Participation in one of the Master Class offers an extraordinary opportunity to improve your therapeutic skills. There will  be ample time during each meeting to review specific techniques, to discuss individual cases, to engage in peer consultation and practice-practice-practice.  


In addition to skill development, the Mastery Class will provide an ongoing sense of connection with your colleagues and are intended to encourage giving and receiving “strokes”.  Mental health professionals, especially sole practitioners,  recognize just how essential it is to stay connected and how much we all need to share praise and appreciation for one another. 


Achieving mastery entails unflappable persistence and endlessly striving for improvement. 

Contact Ron Klein for the current schedule, to talk about joining the Master Class.

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